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My name is Raphaël Couillaud and i'm a french web developer based in La Rochelle...

Thanks to my particular sensitivity for graphic artwork, I like to create universes by providing a unique and sharp visual identity for all of my projects..

Flying saucer animation
Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation Flying saucer animation


A new beginning...

My journey through web development began in the spring of 2020 when I seized the opportunity to integrate the "Job'Études Nouvelle Aquitaine" program. This allowed me to fully focus on my goal of professional retraining by following distance learning with OpenClassrooms.

  • Diploma in Accounting and Financial studies (DECF)

    Alienor of Aquitaine High School - Poitiers

  • Administrative and Financial agent - Engineering Office

    S.A.R.L. Odyssée Développement - La Rochelle

  • 3 Years University Degree "Legal activities"

    Law Faculty - La Rochelle

  • Accountant - Innovating I.T. Company

    S.A.S. Sedna - La Rochelle

  • Freelance - Graphic designer / Illustrator

    HELLO FRIEND - La Rochelle

  • Associate's Level 5 EQF (European Qualifications Framework) - Web Development


  • Vice President / Communications Manager

    Les Insurgés des déchets Association

Rocket animation


A.K.A. The Dream Team

The team that accompanied me on this journey to the borders of web integration and JavaScript learning is made up of experienced and skilled professionals who were able to surround me and guide me to infinity and beyond !

Sabrina Carruezco

Sabrina Carruezco

Expert WordPress/Divi

Freelance in Lyon for more than 15 years, she helps companies to develop their visibility on the web by creating efficient websites that reflect their image.

Kevin Si

Kevin Si

Product Manager

3 years as a web developer and 2 years in entrepreneurship led him to assert himself as a Product Manager.

Christophe Vallot

Christophe Vallot

Former, Freelance Web Developer

Designer and developer of Web-oriented applications (showcase, corporate sites, e-commerce) + project manager + IT trainer + tutor.

Quentin Laurent

Quentin Laurent

Developer & CTO @ noeup'App

Founder of a consulting company, design and development of software and web applications.

work ethic

"We're talking about (best) practice(s)"

My mission is to be a digital aid for artisans, artists, entrepreneurs and small & medium-sized businesses by participating in the design of their visibility on the web. I want to provide essential information on data technologies and strategies to guide them in running their organizations and projects.


Large to small screen, mobile-friendly, creating websites and apps for all your devices.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) requires a concise understanding of the core functions that browsers use to render responsive design for display. Ignoring those functions can lead to the development of badly coded responsive websites that will hinder user experience, and cause issues with website performance.


SEO is a factor that will influence many of your metrics: visits, conversion rate and many more. It is a relatively broad concept that takes into account a large number of criteria to optimize your place in the ranking :

* Indexing of the website
* Give a title to all the pages
* Clear structure
* Choice of key words or phrases
* Unique and qualitative content


Agile is a project management methodology that breaks down larger projects into smaller, manageable chunks known as iterations. With many companies moving to the digital workplace, it is an excellent fit for the organizations looking to transform the way they manage projects and operate in general. Here’s why the agile methodology is beneficial :

* Speed to Market
* Flexibility
* Risk Management
* Cost Control
* Quality

Working zone

"The Eagle has landed"

One of my advantages compared to those that might offer the same service is that I can gravitate around these 4 planets. Showcase sites, E-commerce solutions, Logo & Design, Custom themes, Application development, Maintenance, Security, Communication media...with an average daily rate of 350€.


Design planet
Web Creation planet

Web Creation

Astronaut animation
Optimization planet


Development planet



Hard Skills

Favorite games

My profile and my knowledge allow me to act on all fronts of development. This goes to manage the back office of the website and the customer base (NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, MySQL) by creating the CRUD functionalities, then take care of the updating of the site in front-end (VueJS) or design the graphic and visual creation of a new site.

COMING SOON : * PrestaShop * NUXTJS * Jamstack *

main works

Professional, theoretical and personal projects

The majority are productions made during my training with OpenClassrooms but not only ... Today I focus on 'projects from scratch' to continue to progress in web integration and dynamic design using front-end JavaScript libraries.

🌴RAD SAUCE Electronics


👉 E-commerce site for custom made guitar pedals | Full Stack

Coming soon...


  + Vuex + Nuxt.js...



🌍Les Insurgés des déchets


👉 Graphic and technical design to promote the actions of the association of which I am Vice President
✔️ Use new front-end technologies
✔️ Manage scroll animations
✔️ Illustrate the concept with original graphic creations
✔️ SEO
✔️ UX design management


  + Intersection Observer API + GSAP + Jquery + Photofiltre

Avis client(e)


🌩️Yellow Cloud


👉 Weather Mobile App | Mobile First
✔️ Make API requests for weather data
✔️ Vue.js project on the front end
✔️ Personalize client content
✔️ Retrieving & Updating Firebase Collection Data


+ Firebase





👉 Creation of a portfolio | Front-End
✔️ Use new front-end technologies
✔️ Manage scroll display
✔️ Illustrate the concept with original creations


  + Intersection Observer API + Swiper + Vanilla JS + Photofiltre


"Great job! A really top developer! I highly recommend him."
Raphaël Couillaud, Web Developer

Preview site

🌐Groupomania Connect


👉 Creation of a corporate social network | Full Stack
✔️ Authenticate a user and maintain his session
✔️ Manage data storage using SQL
✔️ Personalize the content sent to a web client


 +   +  + MySQL + Sequelize


"Good data security / Good communication frontend-backend / Nice user interfaces / Use of a library managing the SQL part."
Ibrahima Ciss, Engineer

🎞️the thrill of losing


👉 Design of a digital portfolio for a photographer | Front-End
✔️ Web integration of elements from an Instagram account
✔️ Scroll animations
✔️ Original design
✔️ English


  + jQuery



🌶️So Pekocko


👉 Building a secure API for an application | Back-End
✔️ Comply with R.G.P.D. regulations
✔️ Store data securely
✔️ Implement CRUD operations securely


 +   + Express + JWT + MongoDB + Postman

Avis évaluateur

"Excellent project produced which respects all the specifications. Oral presentation professional and clear."
Joffrey Hernandez, Fullstack Developer

🧠Burnout : Parlons Reconstruction


👉 Showcase site for a Work Psychologist | Front-End
✔️ Content integration
✔️ Design conception
✔️ SEO optimization
✔️ Hosting & Maintenance advices


 +  + Google Search Console + Google Analytics + Pixia


"Raphaël was attentive, very professional, offering me support totally in line with my expectations !"
Aurélie Barribault, Work Psychologist



👉 Building an e-commerce site | Front-End
✔️ Validate data from external sources
✔️ Manage JS events
✔️ Create a test plan for an application
✔️ Interact with a web service with JS


 +  +   +


"Structured and well argued project. Compliance with specifications."
Wenceslas Baridon, Back-End Developer

🖌️Portfolio Jack O'Keefe


👉 Portfolio for my artworks | Front-End
✔️ Personal project
✔️ Technical and graphic design


 +  + CSS Grid + 


"Great job! A really top developer! I highly recommend him."
Raphaël Couillaud, Web Developer

🦉La Chouette Agence


👉 Optimization of an existing website | Front-End
✔️ Analysis of the current state of SEO of the site provided
✔️ Improved SEO of the site
✔️ Comparison of results
✔️ Delivery of a optimization report


 +  + Lighthouse + GT Metrics + Search Console + Google Analytics


"The website is responsive, the HTML semantics have been modified, the recommendations are relevant, oral speech supported by a presentation medium."
Hugo Dumont, Developer



👉 Implementation carried out CSS advanced graphics | Front-End
✔️ Integration of a mockup
✔️ Ensure the graphic consistency of a website
✔️ Set up a navigation structure for a website


 +   + Photofiltre


"The deliverables are in line with expectations. The code is well done, good indentation, code valid at w3c."
Aurélien Antonio, Freelance Developer

graphic biography

...Based on real events

Ocean animation
The legend says that he was born in an oyster in the Marennes-Oléron country
Table tennis animation
his first power: table tenniskinesis.
Ufo animation
10 years later: his first Unidentified Aerial Phenomena with his friends after celebrating their school success.
Accountancy animation
wear the costume of super accountant was his destiny.
Training animation
until the day he decided to reveal his true identity.

Text and illustrations for RAPHAEL C# 2020, 2021 by RAPHAËL COUILLAUD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Soft skills

Source Aksis : RIASEC model (2019)

The RIASEC profile derives from the Holland Codes. According to this author, the choice of a vocation or a profession is a form of expression of an individual's personality. My profile oscillates between the Investigator (think, learn, deepen knowledge, showcase his expertise…) and the Artistic (conceive, invent, imagine, create…).

Sense of detail


Relational behaviour




Curiosity / Benchmarking




Be proactive


Analytical skills


Surpassing oneself


Respecting defined limits




Chinese Portrait

If i were...i would be...